Featured Artist: Mel Porcinelli

9 Jan

Mel Porcinelli was always drawn to plants and the female form. As a young child, she was impacted profoundly by media portrayals of womanhood. Without condoning the meaning behind the images, she thought she would grow up to be one of these highly sexualized women of desire. When she didn’t become the woman she dreamed would be, she developed an eating disorder.

She says, “All efforts in my life were focused on my outer shell. I developed an eating disorder, and stopped doing and paying attention to the things that I loved. Anyone or anything that got in my way was an enemy. I was happily submerged into my own perfect jar of beauty.

The Eternal Marshland series is a reflection on this time in my life. It focuses on the constant teeter totter-like allure of beauty along with the perils of it. I would also like to dedicate the series to all women who have taken a similar plunge into the media’s portrayal of the female form. Some of us have become submerged, and cannot get back out.”

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mnartists.org: Mel Porcinelli


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