Featured Artist: Nicholas Schaffer

10 Jan

Nicholas Schaffer uses his art to investigate body image, gender identity, and emotional dissonance within the self. He’s a postmodern photograper who views the body as something seperate from the self, that endures the life we go through as we create our own identies.

In his photographs, he says, “the body becomes a relic, a survivor or remnant left after decay, disintegration, and disappearance, a physical representation of stepping into a void, an escape from the self.”

He does not digitally manipulate any of his images. They are photographed using a small theater set that he built with a mirror installation inside of it. All the images are photographs of a body’s reflection in the mirror.

His photography is special not only because of his artistic process, but because it captures the complexity of gender identity and body image. His work is a mash-up of multiple identities in a single photo, the same way there are mash-ups within each individual. We create our own identies, seek coherence within our own conceptions or perhaps new ways to live with dissonance.

“The work represents a collage of body image identities represented in a physical state. Metamorphosing itself into an alternative physical state involving cut up forms, colors, and shapes. Trying to condense an emotion with the use of the figure in distressed configurations,” he says.


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