Oh no

13 Jan

A trans-woman was found murdered in her apartment, by MCTC. She had already complained to and was ignored by building management. The story is covered here at The Colu.mn Blog.

Planning of a vigil is in process by Rebecca Wagonner, OutFront’s anti-violence program director. So far, we know that it will be the 21st of January from 6:00 to 7:30pm. There will be a short program and then a candlelight march to Chrissie’s apartment building. Rebecca is encouraging people to come and bring signs for the march! Stay tuned for more details.

It’s not being covered well by mainstream sources. Here’s StarTribune’s hurtful botchery. Here’s their Letter to the Editor page, let them know! Abby Simons and Paul Walsh are preporting to cover violence against the trans-community here, but what stance are they taking? It’s hurtful, especially considering the subject matter.

If you think of a good response, please post it here.

EDITED TO ADD: It looks like StarTrib has changed some of their wording? Previously, the article led with identifying Krissy as a man, and consistently referred to her as male, and it came across as exploitive and inappropriate, especially considering the tragic subject nature.

Heidi Barton Stink (and others too, I’m sure) responded to them with some trans-101, and now they lead with her identity as a trans-woman, at least. The way they focus on sex work still leaves something to be desired.


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