Featured Artist: S.K. Shipwreck

1 Feb

S.K. Shipwreck creates work that challenges and provokes hir audience’s understanding of power structures in their worlds. At GASP! ze will be exhibiting “Crotches,” small (4×6) framed pen/pencil and ink drawings of crotches arranged in the lower level of the gallery space. Ze will also be starting off the show with two educational seminars on sex positive topics.

S.K.’s past and present has been shaped by confrontations within power structures, specifically, the institutional power of the Roman Catholic Church and academia, the authoritative power of the State, and parental/familial power.

S.K. responds artistically to this volatile interaction of identity and power. Ze says, “I investigate how my body responds – physically, emotionally, mentally, psychically; what my body desires; and what power feels like as it journeys through me, is given, and is taken away.”

Get Connected: http://kelleymeister.com/


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