Updated Flyers and Promo Images

28 Jan

We are drawing near to the opening reception — help get the word out with this new set of flyers and postcards that you can print out, attach to emails, tweet, slather on yer Facebook and otherwise share! These flyers have additional performer and artist details versus the plain ones we previously had available!


Thanks to Allison of DEAR DETECTIVE for putting the flyers together!


Featured Artist: Leah Matz

20 Jan

Leah Matz is a spoken word artist. She describes herself as, “A radical queer pacifist anarchist vegan Scorpion cisgendered woman white working class sex-positive educated able-bodied american-born citizen, sister, daughter, poet, dreamer, dissenter, and survivor with an overall dislike for lists, labels, and linear thinking but an intense love for alliteration and assonance.”

Featured Artist: Angie Lynch

20 Jan

Angie Lynch is a ceramicist and painter. Angie’s Notre Dame gargolyes dress in drag when they have a night or weekend off from guarding the Notre Dame cathederal. She changes their attired depending on the season.

Vigil for Krissy Bates

20 Jan

More information about the Krissy Bates Vigil has been posted by OutFront Minnesota: Please join us for a vigil Friday, January 21 at 6pm at the MCTC Library (General Mills Room) to honor and remember the life of Krissy Bates, a member of our community whose life was cut short by a terrible act of violence.

After a short program at the library we will march to Krissy’s apartment building a few blocks away. Please bring candles, flowers and signs displaying positive messages of hope that our community can embrace to push back the darkness of fear and create a safer city.

Get Connected: Facebook Event: Vigil for Krissy Bates

Featured Artist: Smalls Looze

17 Jan

Smalls Looze, aficionado of all things campy, argyle, plaid and paisley, has come to realize that a career in fashion design would not suit them. Despite this setback, they are an excellent coffee drinker and first rate tennis racket re-gripper. They remain confident that these skills, paired with their constant state of disarray, will lead to unexpected and fulfilling opportunities.

Smalls is a poet and craft dabbler.

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Featured Artist: Derek Freese

16 Jan

Derek Freese views the role of an artist to be one of a mediator. Much of his work reflects his experiences growing up and various relationships. He doesn’t always plan a piece before he starts to work through it, but through the act of creation he better understands himself. He uses objects that have birthing, growing, and delicate qualities to them. He describes his work as innocent, playful and humorous.

Get Connected:
mnartists.org:Derek Freese

Tune into KFAI this Thursday!

15 Jan

Heidi Barton Stink is going to be on KFAI’s program Fresh Fruit this Thursday. She will be promoting GASP’s upcoming Intermedia Arts’ Show. Fresh Fruit will run Thursday, 7-8 PM, radio station 90.3 FM Minneapolis, 106.7 FM St. Paul.

I will be listening!